My relationship with alcohol …

I’ve always enjoyed drinking but when I was younger I would binge drink at the weekend and then feel sooooo ill the next day! But somehow it seemed worth it! 🤷‍♀️

As I’ve gotten older the amount I can drink before knowing I am going to be ill the next day has declined dramatically, even a glass of red wine is leaving me feeling groggy the following day.

I feel I’ve gotten some control over what I drink now but I still fall into that trap of getting a taste for it and then going on to have more than I intended, and as a result waking up the next day feeling a bit rubbish!

My priorities have also changed, I’m now mum to 3 wild boys, so hangovers are rather less than desirable nowadays, and I also get up to practice yoga early in the morning before anyone else wakes so I definitely can’t have a skin-full and do that as even a small amount of alcohol leaves me waking feeling tired and lacking energy to move and focus.

But after a long day with the boys, the evening comes and it’s like I forget the nauseous feeling that alcohol now leaves me with and I just want that glass (or two!) of wine to relax me!

How do I learn to say no?! I know if I stop all together I will feel great – all of the time! – but the temptation is too great at the moment! I guess it’s also a habit of 20+ years to break which is no easy task!

I will keep working on it as I am also becoming very aware of how alcohol changes me and my mood too and I’m starting to dislike that feeling of something external altering the way I feel!

Food for thought 💭 or more drink for thought 😁