Importance of Asana!

Our Asana practice is incredibly powerful and needs to be honoured and valued.

Many obstacles to knowing ones true nature are manifested in the body, for example, disease, sluggishness, and dullness. The body profoundly influences, and if in bad condition, impinges on the functioning of the mind and intellect.

Every thought, emotion and experience leaves a subconscious imprint in the mind. These imprints determine who we will be in the future. Therefore, who we are today is an accumulation of our past thoughts, emotions and actions.

Our past emotions, thoughts and impressions manifest in the body. For example,

  • Past anger is stored in the hamstrings – this can be released through forward bending – if we consciously let go of this anger, the emotion will disappear. If we don’t release it then it will surface in some other form, possibly acts of aggression or maybe even through disease.
  • Emotional pain is stored in the chest, where it functions like armour, hardening around the heart. This armour can be dissolved through backbends. If we let go of this armour a feeling of tremendous relief will result.
  • Extreme stiffness can be related to mental rigidity or the inability to let oneself be transported into unknown situations. In this case asana practice needs to be focused on lengthening, extending, as well as releasing.
  • Extreme flexibility can be related to the inability to take a position in life and to set boundaries. In this case asana practice needs to be more strength based, to create a balance and learn to resist being stretched to inappropriate places.

Practice your Asanas under the guidance of a qualified and experienced teacher and be aware of their power both physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually.