The Philosophy of Yoga


I am studying different philosophies which aim to explain ‘who we are’. 


I am currently looking at two different ideas. 


The first I will refer to as The Universal Sea of Intelligence, the second the Samkhya Philosophy.


The Universal Sea concept is that there is a universal sea of intelligence, which is beyond time, space and form. The universeal sea has two energies, the Shiva (masculine) energy and the Shakti (feminie energy). Each droplet within that sea contains these two energies and each drop is a soul. 


There is this idea that the souls have to work through Karma (baggage if you like) and until they work through all their Karma they have to keep attaching themselves to a form (i.e. a living being). It’s only when they have worked through their Karma that they can rest in the Universal Sea infinitely. 


When living beings are making love the soul is attracted down to this energy and attaches itself to a form on conception.


Due to the karma that the soul has to work through it chooses the form it attaches to based on the life circumstances that it will be born into. 


Throughout life the soul will work through Karma but it will also accumulate more Karma, when the form deceases the soul will return back to the Universal Sea of Intelligence. If the soul returns with unresolved Karma then eventually it will attach itself to another form, this will continue until all the Karma is resolved – this is referred to as rebirth (reincarnation).


The second concept is from the Samkhya philosophy, which believes that there are two realities – Prusha, which is the consciousness (the soul) and Prakriti, which is nature – matter.


These two realities exist parallelly. 


It is only when these two relaties are bonded that a living form is created. 


Prakriti is all matter – the mind, the character, the intellect, the ego, the elements, the organs.


Within this concept rebirth happens when the Prusha (the soul) begins to confuse itself with the ego and the illusions (the stories that we tell ourselves to be true).


Yoga has many tools that can help stop this cycle of rebirth. 


Yoga helps us to understand that we are not our physical body, we are not our minds – our thoughts, we are not our emotions and feelings. 

That experience’s don’t happen to us they happen for us. This last part is a difficult concept if you are working through hard times. But it is all about accepting that you had to go through that experience in order for you to continue on your journey. 


The ultimate aim is to detach from all of these external influences and bring ourselves back to our true, pure state – our consciousness. 


We start by working on the mat. We have to work with the physical body, to free it from dis-ease, to enable us to detach from the mind – the thoughts. Which ultimately enables us to work through our karma quicker and more gracefully and to remind the consciousness that it is not the ego.


Meaning ultimately that we we do decease we can in fact ‘rest in peace


Namaste x