The Spiritual Bit!

The spiritual aspect of Yoga can put a lot of people off this practice altogether. There is a vast amount of philosophy which you can study in order to make sense of who we are and what our purpose is. The idea of the soul and the spirit is one that we all live with, even if we don’t acknowledge it. Think about the sayings that we use ‘our soulmate’ ‘karma is a bi#ch’ ‘you must have been a … in a past life’. The concept is there, it is just too out there for some people and therefore they would rather put it in a box and not talk about it. But it doesn’t have to be deep or too hippy …

I believe that as Human beings we have a Physical Body, an Emotional Body and Mental Body as well as a Spiritual Body.

I also believe that all of our bodies have equal importance and therefore I’m not governed or led by any of these, but I listen to and respect all of them in equal measure.

Yoga is all about union, and so I use my practice to bring all my bodies into alliance.

The Asanas are so important in yoga, but at times they get a rough deal being referred to as ‘yoga-gymnastics’ and people are shamed for showcasing them on social media, but they can be so powerful. As well as all the physical benefits they bring, they are a tool for uniting all the bodies. This is a skill, it takes time and patience and it’s something that should be learnt and taught from experienced teachers – this can be face to face or virtually 🧘🏼‍♀️💖

I also don’t believe in striving to achieve liberation from this world, but that we should be focused on achieving liberation in this world, in order to allow us as human beings to live our life’s to their fullest potential 🙏💖

The Bhagavad Gitta explains “one who outwardly performs his social duties but inwardly stays free is a yogi!” There is Yoga designed for monks and hermits – people who have no social responsibility in the world. However, being a monk or hermit is not a requirement for Yoga. If everyone ceased performing their social responsibilities this world would be ruined for obvious reasons. Therefore, we need not be disturbed if responsibility for others keeps us from devoting more time to our practice, since fulfilling ones duty is practice 🙂

I talk much more deeply about this topic in my Blog 🙂