Three Gunas

Prakriti is the primal motive force – Nature – the basic intelligence by which the universe exists.

It is comprised of the Three Gunas and gives rise to the material world and all that it is, including mind and matter. 

The whole world is a mixture of these Three Gunas, or qualities, of Prakriti (nature):

Sattva – purity and knowledge

Rajas – activity and motion

Tamas – inertia and laziness

These qualities are present in everything, including food.

Satvic food is pure. It promotes balance, calmness, clarity, harmony and ease.

Rajasic food overly stimulates the passions, emotions and creates a sense of drama and restlessness.

Tamasic food has little or no life force present in it, and therefore is incompatible with the very nature of your living body. They make one inert, dull and lazy, as well as producing turbid, cloudy thought processes.

Satvic food – wholegrains and their flours, most vegetables and fruits, nuts, seeds, many seasonings and spices.

Rajasic food – anything overly flavoured and processed, refined, deep-fried, animal products, fish, eggs, coffee, tea, chocolate, overly spicy foods.

Tamasic food – meats, mushrooms, onions, garlic, margarine, artificial substances fermented items, any intoxicants.

The three gunas are reflected in all parts of our life. Such as, personalities, actions, attitudes and environments. 

If you take the posture for example, when you stand with the body in alignment – so the feet are parallel (the toes facing forward with the heals in line, this makes sure that there is a neutral rotation of the thighs); with the knees stacked on top of the feet; and the hips stacked on top of the knees. The pelvis in a neutral position (the bottom tucked in and the belly button drawn into the spine). Extending up from the crown of the head, with the shoulders relaxed and the shoulder blades gently squeezed together to open the chest. The arms down by the side of the body with the palms facing forwards. You are now in a Satvic Posture. You are balanced and in harmony.

Yet if you stand with the pelvis in a posterior tilt, with the tummy sticking forward and the bum sticking back you are in a Rajasic position – the chest is pronounced. Your position is reflecting high emotions, overly stimulated passion and drama.

While if you have an anterior tilt in the pelvis you are slouched in your position. This is a Tamasic position. It reflects that blah feeling, laziness, and dullness. 

You can use the Asanas as a way to work through any emotional issues that are manifesting themselves in your physical body and affecting your posture 🙂